Zamcoin The First CryptoBank Project

Introducing The New 💎 In Crypro World 🌍

ZAMCoin is a token of the BSC network launched by ZAM Development.

ZAMCoin would focus on Finance Technology ( Fintech ) that can be used to facilitate user transactions across the country. The purpose of zamcoin is to provide facilities and complete support to users with several functions such as:
The ownership of the virtual bank account 🏦, the payment gateway, the debit card access 💳 , and future zamcoin will have it’s own network.

About ZAM Development
(Zahir Azfar Multimedia) Base In New Jersey,US
Leadzam is a platform founded in 2019 by the zam development team (zahir azfar multimedia) engaged in software development.
Our team’s goal is to further develop and innovate the software marketing system. Some features and products provided by leadzam such as software data enrichment, social media extractors, find a list and many more.

Currently the leadzam has over a thousand users using the software development services. Leadzam gives full access to each user to use all those marketing tool products

ZAMCoin Background

ZAMCoin was is Created on the impulse of the current economic situation. With the times that everyone uses the Platform, the digital world and also the website. We encourage everyone to further develop life in this modern era, and are also ready to help realize all aspects of work needs and also life style by joining and collaborating with us

Not spared from today’s digital world, ZAMCoin launched a Virtual Bank digital platform called BOZAPP, where the platform already provides several
features that will make it easier for you to transact instead of your trading.. And can also support other needs.

What Is BOZAPP ?
BOZAPP is a friendly crypto-banking solution. Your investment partners to build your crypto assets

We provide a digital asset banking solution that speeds spreading and enables you to enter the digital asset market quickly. Our fintech bozapp platform is packed with all important
banking features — such as :
- Bank accounts 🏦
- Payment ✅
- Credit cards /debit 💳
- Commerce
- Loans
- and user orientation.

Use our experience and expertise in finance and blockchain developers to provide your digital asset banking solutions.

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